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Why Keyword Phrases Aren’t Dead for SEO and Content Marketing

So why are people starting to think that SEO keywords aren’t as important anymore?

Content marketing has heavily relied on keywords as an algorithm for improving SEO ranking. So why are people starting to think that SEO keywords aren’t as important anymore?

Keywords are a gateway for companies to improve their standing on search engines like Google. In theory, the more keywords you fit into your website – the higher you rank.

There have been a few major changes in recent years that may be confusing to people, making them debate the importance and true value of using keywords.

One example of this is when Google released a new algorithm in 2011 dedicated to ranking and emphasising that the quality of content needs to be stronger to reach the top ranks.

Google then prevented people from seeing some organic keywords in order to protect searchers privacy. This meant a lot of keyword targeting was reduced as the words were less available.

In 2013,  they introduced another new algorithm that highlighted the importance and meaning of search strings rather than just words. (Basically the words have to flow well within the website text for them to count).

Here’s a few reasons why SEO keywording is important for your company:

Overloading pages with keywords

Having pages overloaded with keyword phrases is an easy mistake to make. If your page is too focused on how to donate to a water charity and you have 60 keywords relating to Coca Cola and Whiskey you may be ranking high but in all of the wrong places. You need to make sure you’re ranking in the right places and using the right words to make sure you get there.

Headlines on websites need keywords

Is there any point in writing a brilliant piece on water filter technology for Africa if the relevant terms aren’t there which would allow it to be found online? If you can’t fit an entire term in the headline then try a single word. Making sure you introduce the cause with singular keywords can really improve rankings.

Keywords aren’t usually alone

When using SEO keywords it is unlikely you won’t use similar words or synonyms in the text also. You will get extra credit for these words as it only authenticates the keywords further; it shows they haven’t just been dumped. Google has very complex spiders that determine ranking by concentrating on the surrounding words, which done correctly will give you extra credit.

Website analytics

Most importantly use website analytics to track different keywords performance on landing page conversions. The quality of website’s code, age and domain all contribute to SEO ranking, but by using keywords it can help improve it as much as possible. Focus your website and don’t spread yourself too thin, use a handful of keywords and get your website in good position.