Why Hire a PR Agency?

Brand Identity

Brands can be complex and therefore brand identity is multi-faceted.  No matter how big an organisation may be, and regardless of what product or service they are selling, all brands need to have a clear idea of what they represent and more importantly how that’s communicated to the public.

Hiring an external agency is a good idea for the following reasons:

Fresh Eyes

An external PR agency has ‘Fresh Eyes’.

What does this mean?

When a company has been working for a long time on a brand, it is hard to see it from in perspective. An external PR agency’s breadth of experience within the market knows where your brand sits within the landscape of products and services. This will help a brand re-configure what it wants to be.
A PR agency’s ‘fresh eyes’ challenges presumptions about an established brand-identity and substantiate the meaning of what a brand offers, acting as a catalyst for business development.

Expanding the Team

PR agencies are here to help organisations flesh out their brand, develop their identity and more importantly communicate that to the wider public. When a brand commissions a PR agency, they instantly expand their team with brand and media expert to help give definition, to your brand and relevant stakeholders with focus and direction.

Understanding the Media

PR agencies have an intimate and broad understanding of the media. This doesn’t mean just a strong network of media contacts and relationships (which of course is also true) but media understanding requires a certain type of instinct.

The media works in a particular kind of way, and regardless of the outlet, media professionals are looking for one thing: something that their readers, viewers, browsers or followers want to read, see or know about. A good PR agency will understand each media outlet and their audience and tailor their client’s story to them.

A good PR agency will make sure that their client is able to be seen and heard about in a certain type of way across various mediums whilst giving the media something that works for them. PR professionals are there to translate the meaning of a brand into a story for the media.


Whether it be its interaction and response to the media or to the objectives of a client, a PR agency is always known for its speed. PR agencies need to be on their toes all the time, whether it be Corporate PR, Consumer PR, Art PR or Culture PR, an agency is always fast.

With a developed instinct, understanding of the media and a speedy turnaround, PR agencies add value to in-house brand managers, giving the brand an edge and a pace that is necessary and relevant.