What Is PR And Why Do We Need It?

Public Relations is one of the most difficult industries and careers to explain and there’s a reason why. PR professionals are stage managers to their clients. We work tirelessly to have our clients seen and heard, and by doing this we take a back seat to the limelight.

By definition, public relations is the activity or job of providing information about a particular person or organization to the public so that people will regard that person or organization in a favourable way. PR is the bridge between an organization and the public. PR professionals are behind the scenes constantly looking for new angles and newsworthy story ideas about our clients, whether a product or individual, to connect them with the press. Our goal is to have our clients seen on television, in magazines, blogs, newspaper articles, etc, and we don’t mean through advertising.

Advertising is paid placement for a product. When consumers flip through a magazine, it’s clear to differentiate between editorial and advertisements. In PR, we want unpaid editorial coverage. We get a product or information in an editor’s hands and then let them write their story. The ultimate difference is by having an editor or blogger review your client’s product or interview your CEO, the client receives a third party endorsement that far exceeds the value of advertising.

Now, getting to the press is another story that requires background research, confidence and a prayer to pitch your client’s story in 30 seconds and three bullet points, but this is where PR pros thrives.