What Great PRs Do Differently

Great PR practitioners lead the way and are often recognized as influencers in their field.
We know that PRs should be creative, have the ability to write and communicate but the
leading PR practitioners go above and beyond.
Here are 5 things that the best PR pros develop to get them to that next level.

1. Collaborate

Great PR practitioners understand the value of collaboration. You can’t do it all, but you
can pull together the skills of others to make up for areas in which you may not be the
most efficient. This teamwork not only applies to those in your agency but also to third
parties who may be needed when executing a plan. Wise PRs understand their
weaknesses and substitute these weaknesses by promoting the strengths of others.

2. Embrace new innovations

PR pros who embrace innovation as opposed to fearing it, are able to adapt to changes
in the industry and find innovative ways to implement their strategies and plans. New
technologies always have the potential to revolutionize tried and tested methods. Great
PRs recognize that innovation is a must in order to challenge the status-quo.

3. Listen

There is a distinction between hearing what your client is saying and understanding what
your client is saying. PR practitioners who understand their clients’ needs are able to
recognize their client’s key needs.

4. Keep abreast of the latest trends/news

Great PRs keep their finger on the pulse by reading in their spare time. This can be done
by reading blog posts, news articles and handbooks. Even reading books for leisure keeps
your imagination active and at the same time sharpen your writing skills.

5. Stay proactive and curious

Great PR pros go the extra mile by making sure they understand the buzz topics and
features of the industry that their clients work in. Putting in the time to research and not
making decisions based on an assumption or old knowledge allows great PR practitioners
to deliver excellent results to their clients.