Top Tips For Effective Brainstorming

Anytime we have a big project coming up that requires ‘out of the box’ thinking and fresh ideas, we like to get out of the office for some good old fashioned brainstorming. Whether it’s a big pitch we are working on, helping rebrand a client or redesigning our website throwing ideas around really helps us to achieve an Effective Brainstorming

Here are our top tips for getting the best out of your future brainstorming sessions:

Get Out of the Zone
One of the most important elements of brainstorming is creativity. We find that creativity can be stifled in an office environment – so we like to head to a fun café or restaurant in areas outside of our postcode – get out and experience some new vistas!
Our office is in Mayfair, so we love to visit Shoreditch. It does wonders for our ability to produce new ideas and increase creativity. By taking this break, and going somewhere different to our normal environment we also break with our routines and familiar thought process and encourage fresh, creative ideas.

Do Your Homework
Before each session, it is so important to do your homework. For us, this may mean that we know our client inside out,, have read the latest reports on the relevant subjects or have analysed the competitive landscape.
By being aware of the task at hand and doing our background research, the brainstorming session can reach its full potential.

Be Visual
Keeping track of your ideas is important –we like to dedicate a scribe or someone to write down all our ideas and thoughts on a vast mind map.
By writing everything down and seeing it on paper, it helps to whittle down and refine our thoughts. Often some can be combined, and it’s through this visual process that we have our most inspired thoughts (take a look at this article, which explains the benefits of writing down your thoughts – especially the creative ones!

Have Fun
Brainstorming is about being creative and generating ideas outside of your normal thinking. At Curzon these sessions for us are not only productive but a great way to bond with the team and have some fun.
Being involved as a team in the higher levels of strategy planning can be creative but also really fulfilling as you have a creative outlet. By getting out and about and spending some time together it can really help to increase employee morale. After all, work should be fun too!

Originally posted by Curzon PR.