The PESO Model for PR and Marketing

It has long been assumed that Public Relations is merely media relations, a mistake which could prove costly in this ever developing industry. Instead the expanding scope of public relations is now better understood using the PESO framework.

Developed by Gini Dietrich, PESO stands for Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media. This acronym is more than just the latest buzz word in marketing and public relations. This integration tool is critical for the future of PR.

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  1. Paid Media 

Paid Media is more commonly known as advertising, securing the publication of your client’s message in print or online through payment. Your client is given full control over what their message entails and where it is seen.

  1. Earned Media

The most coveted form of media – earned media – requires no payment, instead your client’s brand is endorsed by a third party. Journalists are constantly looking for new brands to highlight and promote. Generating earned media requires a lot of effort but is achievable. Some methods include pitching for appearances on industry-related TV and radio shows, submitting to award shows for nomination and the more common practice of sending press releases to journalists.

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  1. Shared Media

Shared Media is characterised by its ability to be shared and distributed by third parties. Social media is undoubtedly a big part of the way people live their lives today. Encouraging dialogue on social media and interacting with current and potential customers on social networking sites allows your client’s brand to become an organic part of the conversation. With this media type it is easy to transform your client’s customers into online advocates for their brand.

  1. Owned Media

Owned media refers to educational content created by the company itself. This includes blog posts, online tutorials, webinars and infographics. This media type allows the company to be its own publisher and attract potential customers by providing them with an often free source of information which aligns with the services or products that the company provides.

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Curzon PR Founder and Managing Director, Farzana Baduel, is interviewed by the Brand Doctor James Hammond, leading Brand Consultant and Author of the Sunday Times international best-seller “Branding Your Business”.

Watch this excerpt from the interview for more on the PESO framework and its relevance to marketing, public relations and business today.

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