Social Media from Strategy to Channel

Despite social media forming a part of day-to-day life, some businesses have still been very slow to establish a social presence due to a lack of understanding in regards to its usefulness and sometimes even due to fear.
Social media has developed beyond being merely a part of an organisation’s strategy, and can now function as its own channel – strengthening web presence and acting as a marketing channel. Here are five reasons why your business should approach social media as a channel and not merely a minor part of your organisation’s plans.

1. Find new customers
When your business is on social media, you are better able to identify who your customers are by listening to their social media conversation. You may be surprised at who actually purchases your brands, products, or services, and why. Information gathered through social media monitoring can help strengthen your market research and can even inspire new product or service lines to benefit from the existence of customers you may previously have been unaware of. If you aren’t on social media you have no idea of the conversations that may be taking place and you miss out on hidden lucrative opportunities.

2. Create brand advocates
In our digital age many customers look to the internet for social confirmation on the quality of goods and to find new products or services. Thinking of social media as electronic word of mouth means you can increase the amount of noise being made about your brand. Social echoes resonate further than traditional word of mouth as the message of your brand can reach the other side of the world.

3. Your competition is online
In order to position yourself ahead of competitors, it is important that you are aware of who your competition is and what they do that effects your business. You may find competitors you were not aware of and, even better still, you will be able to analyse what customers are saying about them and adjust accordingly to make your brand the better option.

4. Social media boosts your web presence
Social media as a channel of communication boosts your overall web presence and SEO as well as providing a new platform for online marketing efforts. Customers have a much more immersive experience with an organisation’s brand when they are able to find them in multiple places. This means that your customer will still be receiving your message without having to directly visit your website or physical location.

5. Drive traffic
Social media also allows you to drive traffic and attention to your other resources. Carefully-placed links attract new potential customers, as well as existing customers, and can up the visitor rates to your blogs and other social platforms. A social media consultant can help you identify which platforms are most suitable and where to place your links and blog posts for maximum return.