SEO Basics | What Exactly Is SEO and Why is it Important?


A frequent question we receive from clients in both our London and New York practices is how they can best go about increasing their website traffic and specifically, their website’s visibility. In the age of the internet, having a website for your company is absolutely essential, as is ensuring that your website is highly visible. This is fundamental to make certain that you are able to reach as wide an audience as possible; to make potential clients and customers aware of what you do and what you can offer them.


There are several ways to increase the visibility of your website and while relatively recent developments in the world of digital communications, such as social media, have increased in prominence, the key way for any company to increase their online visibility is through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO is the process of increasing the visibility or ranking of a website in the unpaid section of a search engine’s results, and there are a number of “organic” ways in which a website’s ranking can be improved.

SEO can be a complicated task, and there are severable variables that affect a website’s SEO performance. With digital communications becoming an increasingly integral part of public relations, many communications agencies have their own formulas to deliver and maintain improved results for a website’s SEO rankings. At Curzon PR, we have developed our own unique approach to SEO activities, through which we boost client’s website ranking, and ultimately, their businesses online visibility.


At Curzon PR, our approach is simple but robust. We identify a series of key search terms and execute comprehensive optimisation campaigns incorporating SEO copywriting, content marketing, social media activities and media relations, constantly tweaking and refining our optimisation techniques to ensure maximum visibility.

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