Global PR | New York City v London: Where Is the Media and Capital of the World?

Photo of New York City where Curzon PR opened a new office.

New Office | Curzon PR Public Relations Agency New York

Curzon PR have recently opened a new office in New York, a development that has allowed us to further our expansion on an international basis. New York City and London have been two of the world’s most important metropolises for centuries, and most will recognise their status as two of the leading global finance, commerce and cultural epicentres.

However, as a public relations agency that now practices in both London and New York, we were particularly interested in New York’s status as one of the world’s leading media hubs and whether it surpassed London for the crown of Media Capital of the World.

While Hollywood is widely recognised as both the US and global capital of the entertainment industry, in several other key media sectors, New York remains the dominant force. New York is home to four of the USA’s top newspapers by circulation; the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Daily News and the New Post, The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, in particular, being two of the most respected and influential news publications globally. Additionally, New York City is also home to the headquarters of all four of America’s major television networks; namely NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox and their respective news channels.

London on the other hand, is home to the BBC, the oldest and largest broadcaster in the world. As well as being the basis for much of the BBC’s leading television and radio programming, London is also home to the BBC World Service, with an estimated weekly global reach of 188 million people a week, giving the broadcaster and the city considerable international influence. Additionally, all of the UK’s leading newspapers, whether broadsheet or tabloid, are based in London, whereas newspapers in the US are not as heavily concentrated in New York. Several London based news publications also boast a significant global digital presence; with the BBC, Daily Mail and Guardian websites being the 77th, 109th, 165th most popular in the world, with the New York Times with a ranking of 99, being the only New York based with a similar digital reach. London is also home to CNN’s European Headquarters, with the broadcaster’s American headquarters being located in Atlanta, although much of CNN’s filming comes from the Big Apple and although Thomson Reuters is headquartered in New York, the Reuters news agency, itself, has had its headquarter in London since its establishment in 1851.

Although, organisations such as the BBC and Reuters remain hugely influential in the international media, it is difficult to argue with the sheer number of global media conglomerations based in New York in comparison to London, some of which include Time Warner, Viacom, News Corporation, Thomson Reuters, Hearst Corporation, AOL Inc. and Condé Nast. While the whole of the UK most certainly looks towards London for its media, when it comes to global media, it is clear that New York still leads the global conversation.