App Development: Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of App Development: as mobile phones are now a necessity to daily life and overtaking laptops as the most popular device for getting online; people are becoming reliant on mobile apps that make their day run just that little bit smoother. Business of Apps reported the total number of android and iOS app downloads in 2015 was at 75 billion.

So why would a company develop their own app?

Apps are very personal to each user and can supply valuable data to advertisers on consumer behaviour.

The Pros of App Development

User experience

Having an app developed allows companies to create tailored user experiences that feel personalised to individual consumers. Apps allow consumers to access content in a more interactive level than traditional desktop web browsing.

You can get users to complete call to actions through apps such as sign ups, registering and create personal accounts. Apps unlike web browsers can also be used offline, with features and data accessible without an internet connection.


Although the cost of developing an app is high, if done well the app can generate substantial revenue through advertising or sign up fees.


Get your brand recognised and build a reputation on social media. You can increase awareness of apps by adding social media features. Sharing on social media and linking apps is a successful way of connecting consumers and their audience of followers to your app.

The Cons of App Development

Although having an app will connect your company to a wider audience, they’re not always a perfect fit. Before investing into an app weigh up the cons below:


Mobile apps are very costly; they have to be developed to work across iphone and android (which requires two different code languages) in contrast to website’s that require just one.  If your company can’t spare the budget, it would be a good idea to invest in optimising your website for mobile use.


After development of the app you then need to allocate budget for marketing, raising awareness to previous customers and the general public so they can download it.


If you’re developing an app to drive revenue through paid downloads or through a service the app provides, it is estimated the apple store take around 30% off revenue if used as a sale method of the app.

Ask yourself these questions to see if an app is the answer to your problem?

  • Will this solve an existing problem, that customers have with the mobile version of the website?
  • Will it enhance the customer experience?
  • Will there be a return of investment?
  • What will be your competition on the app market?
  • Can you afford the cost of the app long term?