Live Streaming as a Marketing Tool

Live-Stream video and video mobile applications have taken off in popularity in the past two years. Periscope, Meerkat and Snapchat are making It easier to share content as it happens and profile the journeys and stories of its users instantly. Brands are recognizing the power of these platforms and are now using them to market their products and services. Here are 5 ways smart marketers are using live streaming video.

1. Exclusive behind the scenes

One way to sway audiences to pay attention and follow a brand online is to offer free information first. Creating an exclusive news for a select groups makes customers feel special and keeps them glued to your brands pages. A behind the scenes look into the creation of a product or the processes at a brands headquarters provides both entertainment and information. This is also a great way to communicate a company’s culture.

2. Live interviews

Profiling influencers and other important figures who are popular with your audience is another great way to use live streaming video as a marketing tool. Have these individuals’ answer fan questions or stream them trying a brands products or services to educate potential consumers. Upgrade your webinars by also introducing an option to stream the speakers live.

3. Event coverage

Give your audience a digital ticket to your brands events by live streaming from the function. This is especially beneficial if your brand operates in multiple countries. Now your target audience can feel like they are experiencing the brand from the comfort of their own regions. Seeing an event happen live also motivates people to stand in line for a physical ticket to the next one. Most recently the Coachella Snapchat story had music lovers all over the world suffering from fomo (fear of missing out).

4. Demos and tutorials

Video streaming live demonstration and tutorial. Educational information is always a go-to for content makers, and audiences are more likely to trust how a product or service works if they are seeing it live and not pre-recorded where mistakes can be edited out. One idea is to have a first time user experience the product or service live and give their honest opinion.

5. Promotions and deals

Share promotions and deals or even competitions to encourage viewers to engage with the brand and spread the word to others. This kind of promotion is sure to spark action with potential customers as they all rush to be the first to get their hands on an exclusive promotion.