Branding: How to use a Logo To Build Your Brand

Every business owner understands the essential to a powerful logo behind genius branding. The most successful companies are those which have unique, memorable and original branding.

Branding is not just a logo but how your whole business is perceived externally…and that’s where public relations comes in.

Logos are a way of defining your business to yourself, your team and your audience. Now, more then ever, logos have become critical to business success due to the rise of the intelligent prosumer who desires authenticity focused branding and a clearly defined brand identity.

We do not buy a product on its own merit anymore, but, rather for what it represents; who it portrays us to be if we buy it, if we wear it, if we use it. Choosing a particular brand aligns us with the values of the culture the brand symbolises, allowing us to curate a certain image of ourselves to the world.

Nike, is a great example of iconic branding. Also known as the ‘swoosh,’ the two simple curved lines form this somewhat basic motif, and yet it carries with it billions of dollars worth of accumulated branding and marketing associations. Nike have spent decades strategically building their brand to what it is today so they no longer need to reinstate their values as their global audience is familiar with the ‘swoosh’, and of course their catchy tagline Just Do It.

Here are five ways to use your logo to build your own brand:

  1. Start by defining your brand.

Critically analyse your product or service your business has to offer. Pinpoint the space in the market for where your company sits and the competition around it. Your logo should promote your business and connect with customers as their first impression of your company. You need to understand who you are before your customers can.

  1. Think of your logo as a person

We are all individuals, whose characters are made up of different values, purposes and beliefs. When understanding your company its vital for your logo to communicate this too – personality is key. 

  1. Don’t try to mimic the look of chains or big brands

Try and find your own distinctive identity. Truly independent businesses can lean their status to attract customers who are looking for something more original, that communicate how consumers think or feel. It doesn’t matter if your company has 200 or 2000 employees, if your branding is good, that alone will bring in the business.

  1. Always consider your branding

A logo is a vital piece of information that communicates what your company does in a few short seconds. If your company focuses on selling something be sure to communicate that across promptly in a targeted way. Similarly, with colour and typefaces, these are all vital ingredients in what draws the clientele and adds to your branding journey.

  1. Have a story; make a brand journey

Don’t just pick the first pretty logo you see online, think about what your story is and the journey your brand has been through. You want your customers to know the background behind your brand so they can feel like they are buying into that community of your brands story, rather than a logo you simply found online. Storytelling is what intelligent consumers look for; a great story is infinitely more powerful than any other form of branding.