How To Get A Job In Public Relations

Looking for a job in PR? Here a few tips to get you started on a career in Public Relations.


Most of PR is learned on the job, and internships are an essential way to add experience to your resume. Interning provides the opportunity to learn all of the basic, but vital skills for a career in PR. Not to mention, internships often lead to a paid position.

Don’t be afraid to pursue a public relations career if you didn’t major in public relations or communications. PR requires a variety of different skills. Whether English, Psychology, Political Science or Economics majors, if you can sell yourself and your skills, you can start a career in PR.

Pitch Yourself:

Imagine you are your biggest client. An interview is your chance to prove your pitching skills. Be able to give examples of the skills you’ve developed in the workplace, and even, life lessons that have impacted you.

People love stories. Tell your interviewer a good, relevant story that exemplifies your skills and qualifications that they will remember you for.


Networking is a huge part of PR. You must be comfortable introducing yourself and connecting with people at all times. Get involved in relevant industry groups and attend industry seminars. Do your research beforehand and know what is happening in the PR industry, as well as new campaigns. Industry talk is the easiest way to get conversation started.

Networking is the most beneficial way to meet leaders in the PR field who will offer you guidance, as well as think of you the next time their agency is hiring. ​