How To Be Creative And Stay Inspired

It can be difficult to stay creative amidst the hustle and bustle of life, with its busy schedules, long working days and social engagements. A modern woman’s life involves so many distractions that
keeping your mind clear and creative isn’t always a simple task.

Here are my five simple tips on creativity:

1. Give yourself space.

Being creative is about more than imagination and ideas; it is about taking the room to breathe and the space to think. Sometimes five minutes is all it takes – often, it is only when you take the pressure off that creativity strikes.

2. Inspiration is everywhere.

Try not to switch off the creative right side of your brain and the more you keep your mind actively engaged with what is around you, the more you will find links and ideas jumping out at you. Any situation has the potential to inspire; sometimes you just have to let yourself see the possibilities. Even the commute to work can influence you if you keep an eye on your surroundings – there are examples of marketing, advertising, PR and art all around.

3. Talk outside the box.

Brainstorming ideas is vital and can be incredibly useful but don’t restrict yourself – try to get a varied selection of opinions. The more different someone is from you, the better. It helps to know what the ‘sheep’ will think as well as those who run outside the pack. Some of the best feedback comes from those you would least expect.

4. Keep learning.

When you are working on a project do as much research as you can.
Learn all there is to know about your given area and use this as a pool to delve into for ideas. Often, it is only when you have built a decent foundation based on knowledge and awareness of a project that you can actually come up with the incredible ideas that will make the whole thing blossom.

5. Get creative.

You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel, sometimes it’s enough to set it rolling in a different direction. Take the pressure off and try to accept that creativity doesn’t always mean originality. It can simply be enough to take a project in an unexpected direction.