How The Internet Is Affecting Public Relations

Public relations is a field and profession that has constantly changed over the years. As a field which primarily deals in the way we communicate, it has to be open and receptive to constant technological evolution.

As a London-based public relations agency, one of the key missions of Curzon PR is to combine the practice of public relations with the new digital technologies and developments that are changing the way in which businesses, governments, brands and individuals are communicating with each other.

A digital agency, in the public relations sense of the phrase, is one that adapts the traditional practices of PR, such as copywriting, strategic communication, graphic design to modern digital technology. It also includes the introduction of modern practices to public relations campaigns, such as website design and development, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media and much more.

The advantages of hiring a digital agency, (or perhaps more accurately, a PR agency that is well versed in digital marketing and relations) are numerous, but mainly boil down to the fact that communication on a global scale is possible via the internet. One of the beauties of the internet is that it has massively broken down the physical and geographical barriers of communication and where brands previously would have to launch several different public relations campaigns in each different territory, the rise of tools such as social media, for example, means that they can now tweet to consumers all over the globe from a singular account.

The benefits of a digital agency mean that campaigns can be much more targeted to a specific and targeted audience. Several websites, search engines and social networks hold details and browsing habits of consumers, providing a level pf precision and efficiency that has rarely been possible before.

More specifically, certain methods of digital relations can help companies and organisations circumnavigate around the futility of traditional marketing methods. For example, many modern consumers, and especially internet savvy ones, have become experts at skimming around adverts or avoiding them all together. Content marketing is a digital communication practice that allows companies and organisations to engage with this increasingly hard to reach, but still incredibly valuable, demographic. For those unaware, content marketing is the creation of “content” whether in the form of a blog post, an infographic or a youtube video that aims to engage with your intended target audience and provide them with something of value from an emotional, intellectual or entertainment level, as opposed to just flogging your product to them. Content marketing and other similar digital communications practices are fantastic for public relations campaigns, because not only do they impact consumers in a more significant way than the more passive forms of marketing, but they also more likely to actively search out such content and to share it amongst their friends and loved ones.

All in all, digital media is becoming increasingly integral to the way in which we communicate and do our work. Being well versed in digital media and communications is not only a huge advantage for public relations agencies, but a necessity.

Originally posted by Curzon PR