Finding A Career That Fits Best For You

Finding a career that keeps you engaged and excited can be a real challenge, especially in the current economic climate. I am very lucky to run my own business, especially since it allows me to work in a field I enjoy but it did take some time for me to find my own path. Here are the things that helped me find my feet in the working world.

Be Passionate.

You don’t have to love every aspect of your job but if you target the parts of work that you are passionate about you can figure out what it is that truly makes you tick in the workplace. Once you know where your passion lies you can use this as a building block on which to advance your career aims. Philanthropic work has always been a passion of mine and maintaining this has given me great business satisfaction as well as fostering strong relationships – a crucial aspect of PR.

Play to your Strengths.

We can’t be good at everything we do but we all have things we are better at than others. Figure out what parts of your job you are best at and hone those talents. The more you build upon your strengths, the better these abilities will become and the more you will enjoy them. We all like doing things we are good at, it instils us with a sense of pride. This in turn helps in figuring out how your strengths can contribute to your career. Being able to liaise with clients in a professional and friendly manner has always been natural to me but I have nonetheless spent many years building upon this skill.

Know your Limits.

Strengths are crucial but being aware of your own weaknesses and working on them is important too. Finding the right career isn’t just about focusing on your strengths and passions, you have to look at your weaknesses and calculate which ones you need to improve in order to advance. Recognising your own weaknesses and figuring out which ones you can work on is crucial in a career. It helps to ensure you set yourself realistic goals within your own range of abilities.

Know what you want.

Choose the career that will suit the life you want. The thing that will affect your career the most is you. Take some time to think through your own life goals and ambitions as these will define the parameters of the career you choose. Not everyone is suited to long hours and late nights and you don’t have to be. Having dinner with my family and putting my daughter to bed is something I try to do most nights and my career allows me the freedom to do so.

These tips helped guide me to my own career path and I hope they can help you too. Ultimately finding the career that fits is a challenge that only you can overcome, it is entirely dependent upon the kind of person you are and the things you want from life.