Corporate PR Profiling – CEO Strategy

Abraham Lincoln once said that “character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.”

In the business world – it is key to ensure that the shadow is a positive reflection of the tree. As a leading PR agency, we understand the power of positive thinking – in that it is inextricably interlinked to positive action and interaction. Success is a direct result of what consumers feel when they think of a particular brand. So, if your business has a positive reputation – consumers have a greater purpose and need to invest in it, emotionally or commercially. Trust ignites loyalty and loyalty results in success.

Founder-focused leadership and CEO profiling strategies are some of the most intelligent PR and marketing tools under-utilised by communications professionals globally. In today’s world of personality-led, values-driven communication, a CEO’s global reputation is of critical importance to a firm’s success; and is a fundamental driver of corporate reputation when it comes to business.

Executive profiling builds prestige, heightens credibility and strengthens loyalty. Studies show that on the psychological motivation spectrum, we are most likely to buy into the companies with which we connect with the C-Suite’s views, ideas and leadership philosophies. From the desire to innovate to the readiness to act quickly in the face of adversity – the drive to consistently reinvent or the determination to maintain ground-level instincts; our PR strategies ensure that your distinctive positioning is communicated to your target audience.

Companies are in a perpetual in a state of flux and meaningful influence doesn’t come easily. Profiling at the highest level is key in order to ensure a deeper sense of brand-customer intimacy. So, even when the brand is under-performing, the CEO stands out as the calm amidst the chaos; the visionary, the expert thought-leader, the intelligent spokesperson and the figure of inspiration.

Building an authentic, engaging and unique personal PR profile through intelligent strategy increases a brand’s: credibility, influence, leadership, international visibility and commercial advantage. According to a recent study presented in Harvard Business Review, the most superior and long-lasting performing companies are those where the Founder plays a significant role as the highly active face of the business.

The importance of communicating a CEO/ Founder’s mentality is a key strategic asset. We ensure that our PR profiling builds credibility – in a credible way.