Finding The Right Balance With Work And Your Life

Running my own business can get truly hectic at times, between the day-to-day basics, the social engagements, client liaisons and the growth of new business, sometimes it is truly difficult to balance my work with my own life. It has therefore been necessary for me to find ways of maintaining the two, for my own sake as well as for my family and friends.

These are some of my tips for keeping your balance.

Be Organised.

Having a clearly organised schedule will help you to see where you might be
pushing yourself and where you have free time that can be used with family, friends or, if necessary, with unfinished work. When I look over my coming week and see hectic days full of business, I try to see where I can fit some free time as I know otherwise I will burn out. Keeping your schedule and your time organised will make it easier to see things clearly and to spot those days when you might be tipping the work-life balance off-kilter. Being aware of your own patterns is crucial to maintain a healthy balance.

Be Flexible.

Whilst being organised is important it is also necessary to be flexible. Life can be unexpected and it is crucial that you are able to go with the flow sometimes. If a work meeting falls through, or my daughter needs picking up at school, I work hard to remember that there is always a way to work around these issues. A meeting can be rescheduled and so can work. Having a plan is essential but being able to cope with those off-plan moments is equally necessary.

Live In The Moment.

It can be hard sometimes to truly enjoy my leisure time as my brain always goes back to work. I have had to teach myself to let go of work when I’m not there and to enjoy the moments with my friends and family. This has been one of the hardest things to maintain but also one of the most worthwhile, forcing myself to truly forget work and let go of control helps me to relax. I can just be a wife, mother or friend and not a constant businesswoman.

Switch Off.

And I’m not just talking about your phone. I find it crucial to find ways of turning my brain off – from both work and life – and simply being calm and solitary. Meditation or yoga helps a lot of people with this, but these don’t suit everyone. Put on some music you love, close your eyes and chill. I find that even five minutes can calm me if I treat the time with care. Those five minutes can feel like five hours if you just switch off. Then, when you come to the drama of work or the fun of life, having that space will help you truly get in the moment.

These things all help me to balance my own work and life but the truth is that there is no easy solution, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes life and work become hectic. My tips help me to stay level but the thing that I have found helps the most is also one of the trickiest to maintain – a positive attitude. If you can hold on to that, you can always stay balanced.