Why the arts are good for your soul

We’ve heard it countless times: the arts are a good way to keep a balance between work and life. However, how many people actually follow through on the play they say they will see, or the book they’ve been meaning to read, or the acting class they were going to take up?

Everyone is guilty of prioritising menial tasks over mental health, and yet we fail to see that by doing so, we put a strain on our brain that weighs heavy, preventing us from performing our best. As someone who runs a business, I know the overwhelming feeling of overworking and feeling like there are not enough hours in the day. However, I also have the scope to step back and leave the issues of the day in the desk drawer, so that I can give myself and my family, time and love.

First you must decide what it is you love. Whether it’s music, reading or writing, finding what your soul responds to will liberate you from a world of tedious tasks, and give you rest. There is a plethora of activities and past times that are available for you to enjoy, all of which breed hope and a happy heart.

The steps you take to completing these positive actions could be as simple as following your favourite author on Twitter. If you like writing or music, follow users that tweet daily inspiration in your chosen activity. Take advantage of the technological age and use it to bring you back to the essence of the simple pleasures. No one says you have to be the next Van Gogh, but if you enjoy painting, buy a canvas, squeeze the paint onto a palette, and let your thoughts guide your brush.

If you’re constantly thinking about work stress, or a personal issue, it means you’re not switching off, which translates into sleepless nights, and groggy mornings. Starting the day in this manner means you’re already lagging behind in your productivity. A well-rested, happy mind, will ensure that you perform better both personally and professionally. Try waking up and reading a passage from your favourite novel. Take a short walk in the park as you listen to a poem, or a song and watch the sun rise. Whatever you do, allow the activity to course through your mind and body, and prepare you for the day ahead.

You will develop a connection with others around you as you gain a deeper understanding of the way we interact. Storytelling is not just reserved for the library. With each person you encounter, you can create an exchange of dialogue that goes beyond small talk, as you draw out their interests. Loved ones will note an instant change, and your boss may even fawn over you.

Delving into the arts allows your creativity to flow through innovation. Rather than be stilted in the tasks of everyday, do something that will exercise your mind beyond reports and figures, and you may find that you came about a solution as a result of something you read this morning perhaps. Read, write, paint. Do something you love, and you’ll love what you do.