Art PR | Immersing Yourself in The Arts

Art in Mayfair, London (2014)
The greatest form of human expression is contained in the arts. Stories, poems, plays, they all work together to communicate our cultural landscape. By taking part in this expression, we work together to experience the thoughts and emotions that make up our society.

The Arts provide a voice and a medium for people to understand each other, and encounter views they may not otherwise come across.
London is known for its theatres and productions. With a plethora of productions on at any time, it’s impossible to miss an opportunity to take part in a show that will allow you to engage with contemporary and human issues. What better way to be informed about a topic than witnessing it through a creative construction, such as a play? Whether it is a musical, or a small scale production, heading to the theatre puts you at the forefront of the contemporary issues we deal with today. From the major to the minor, we can all learn something from each other.

Depending on the type of job you have, it may be that taking part in the cultural sphere is integral to your job role. Any job in the creative sector will require you to keep yourself at the centre of these goings on, in order to stimulate your creativity, thus allowing your productivity to thrive. Being able to talk about a recent show or literary event will put you at the forefront of any business, as it shows you are switched on. While the idea of scrolling through a list of local events may not seem like the best idea first thing in the morning, the modern age allows us to tap in at any moment and connect with the world through social media, thus delivering you news and events as you scroll down your feed.

Be the best you can be, to ensure you have an all rounded view of what’s happening around you. Here at Curzon, we’re based in the hub of London, thus having access to exhibitions and screenings that occur in the city, thriving with cultural goings on. You’ll find that once you attend one event, your circle of friends will grow, as will your character, as you engage and develop by opening lines of dialogue with those around you.

Living or working in the city may make you lose sight of your aims, you may feel like you’re drowning in the humdrum of work life. However, with one google search, you can access events and happenings in the core of culture and entertainment that is London. All year round, you can look forward to events. Summer? Watch out for pop-up restaurants. Winter? Watch out for secret cinemas.

Use these as opportunities to become one with your city. Immerse yourself in the higher pleasures, and notice the difference it has on the way you develop. With your knowledge on different subjects expanding, your ability to connect with your fellow human being will come naturally, making you the go to person about all things happening.

Photo: Dale Chihuly ‘SUN’ Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London UK.