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Conceptualised and curated by the CEO of Curzon PR, Farzana Baduel, The PR Insider is a strategic digital platform dedicated to the world of public relations. With an international scope across both key and emerging markets, it is the ultimate resource for global communications teams worldwide seeking to advance their knowledge and accelerate their brand growth. Designed as the authoritative companion to your success, The PR Insider is a must read. From career advice, to interviews with strategic thought leaders, industry news to creative inspiration, it is a powerful tool for both clients and professionals intelligently utilising public relations to achieve their vision and goals.


Farzana Baduel
Farzana Baduel has long been recognised for her achievements in the fields of public relations and media. She was awarded the Media Professional of the Year at the 2014 Asian Media Awards, and has been shortlisted for several other awards. Previously, Baduel was Vice Chair of Business Relations for the British Conservative Party. She was also on the Committee Boards for the Institute of Directors as well as Advisor to the London Development Agency on Entrepreneurialism. Baduel was also Vice-Chair for Club 24, a Conservative Party fundraising and debriefing initiative for leading prospective parliamentary candidates, and is currently Advisor to Malaysia’s ruling party through Friends of Barisan Nasional UK. She is currently Founder and Managing Director of Curzon PR.

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