5 Ways to Re-purpose Video Content

Creating professional and engaging video content is not only time consuming, it can often also be costly and labour intensive. After crafting your story into a video and getting your team members to be the stars it is understandable that you would want to get as many uses out of your project as possible. Here are 5 ways to re-purpose video content.

1. Email Campaign

Research shows that videos included in emails lead to a 200-300% click-through rate. Embedding your video into an email and including it in the subject line increases audience interest and drives traffic to the original video source. It is a major oversight not to use this content in company newsletters where your target market has specifically opted-in to receiving the latest news on your brand.

2. Series creation

5% of viewers stop watching a video after 1 minute, the number then reaches 60% after 2 minutes. While this may deter organisations from creating long videos it provides the opportunity for large videos to be segmented and made into a video series and uploaded or emailed on a weekly basis. Not only does this allow the video to be relevant for longer, it also sustains audience attention by using the audience’s concentration span to your advantage.

3. Text

Transcribe video and turn the script into a blog post, or into copy for a landing page. The strength of video is that it is visual but don’t neglect the part of your audience who like to read. This also allows you to tackle issues in regions where internet penetration is low and loading times for videos take too long. If a video takes too long to load many viewers will not take the time to wait, creating a text version of your video is a great way to make provision for those users.

4. Podcast

Use the script of your video to create a podcast or downloadable sound file and give your audience the opportunity to stream your video in sound form. Convenience is key when trying to convey a message to your target market. With sound, listeners are not required to visually focus on the content and can carry on with their everyday tasks while still connecting with your brand.

5. Social Media

Segment your video into mini clips so it can be utilised on multiple platforms. This is more crucial for platforms which limit how long video content must be, for example Twitter accommodates a video length of 2 minutes 20 seconds and Instagram limits video to 1 minutea, but your followers are more likely to engage with this sort of promotion, especially when viewing on a smartphone or tablet.