5 Public Speaking Tips For Introverts

Public speaking is a daunting concept for most, If you want to calm nerves follow these top tips for introverts below.

  1. Preparation is key.

For many introverts preparation is an essential part of public speaking, take your time in creating a speech that flows logically and tells a story through structure and examples. Read it out loud, the more you get yourself familiar with the words the more natural you will find projecting to a crowd of people. If you can, record yourself saying the speech then watch over, the main anxiety people have of public speaking is that you don’t know how you’re coming across – see how others will see you.


  1. Know your audience.


Who will be listening? What information are they seeking? How can you inspire them? What’s the best way of grabbing their attention? Make sure you’re creative and entertaining in the way you present yourself.


  1. Research speeches you like.

Do some research online, watch videos of great speeches and see what techniques they’ve used. Can you copy their structure? Would their introduction work on yours? The more you look into what others have done the more you can improve your own.

  1. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

If you have great wit, use it. If you’re not naturally confident, don’t pretend to be. Focus on what you do best, where do you excel in and how can you highlight this in your speech. Use your hands to calm yourself or use notes to jog your memory. Find what helps to make you feel confident and stick with it.

  1. Smile.

A smile can say a thousand words, smile at your audience as they enter the room, and smile at them when you begin speaking. This will not only relax the audience but it will make you feel confident and connected.