Twitter: Are You Faking It?

Are your followers the real deal or are you buying your way to the top? Here’s a great infographic analysing the ‘Fake Follower’ Industry of the Twittersphere.

Since it’s inception in 2006, Twitter has grown from strength to strength now boasting over 500 million total users and over 200 million active users. Created in San Francisco, USA, it’s now used by people in nearly every country in the world and the service is available in more than 20 languages. Most celebrities use it to promote their brand gaining a higher level of exposure and stardom. Big brands and companies have accounts that they use to market to consumers and ultimately sell their brand and image.

Have you ever wondered though when looking at some Twitter accounts whether those 15,000 followers are genuine or if they were fake accounts and twitterbots bought to boost the credibility of the account holder?

Here’s a great infographic explaining the ‘Fake Follower’ industry.

twitter infographic

As the infograph states, the black market for fake followers is estimated to be as high as $360 million a year. An astronomical figure for a platform who’s fundamental core is based around constant, instant user-created content. Designed for people to use and interact.

But as is always the case, whenever one side has found a loophole or way around the problem, the other side is always a step ahead. Websites such as Twitter Audit and Social Bakers now allow users to enter twitter handles to identify the percentage of fake followers. So if you want to check out that dodgy business or ensure you aren’t being targeted there’s now a means.

Just remember in this day and age, with most business switching to online – it has never been more important to preserve your online reputation in all it’s possible manifestations including fake followers.

Originally posted by Curzon PR